Warehouses are hives of activity, with lots of people, products, and machinery constantly coming and going. Even on a normal day, keeping a warehouse clean is an essential part of the day-to-day activities to reduce the risk of staff illness and to keep the conditions sanitary. However, with the current ongoing Pandemic, this makes regular sanitisation and cleaning of your warehouse all the more important.

In unclean and unsanitary conditions, viruses and diseases easily spread. If staff get ill then this lowers overall productivity and efficiency of the warehouse, something you can’t afford, especially today. This makes simple daily practices such as cleaning and sanitising throughout the day imperative to your business’ survival.

We’ve put together 5 helpful tips that you need to remember in order to keep your warehouse both clean, and safe.

1. Implement a clean-as-you-go procedure

Industries like warehouse and logistics experience a lot of people coming and going and with lots of people comes lots of different germs and bacteria, heightening the chance of COVID-19 being brought into the facility. To keep this under control, regular cleaning throughout the day should do the trick. Throughout the working day we would suggest asking your employees to clean as they go. For example, if they use a piece of equipment, they should wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe afterwards. The same goes for any other public areas such as the kitchen or communal areas. After using the kettle or the microwave, employees should wipe these down, so they are clean and free of bacteria for the next person. This goes for visitors too. You should make any visitors or newcomers aware of your COVID safety rules and encourage them to follow suit. You should also ensure that the packing and transportation of items in your care are done in a sanitary way and encourage employees and visitors to wear masks and gloves if possible while at work. This will help reduce downtime as a result of employee illness and in the case of COVID-19 would avoid mass illness and halting of production all together. It would also work to keep your customers and clients safe too, meaning everyone wins! If every person were to wipe down something with an antibacterial wipe after using it, then this would reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading throughout the workplace hugely.

2. Daily cleaning

Once the working day is over, having a professional clean of the working environment would be highly beneficial, allowing you to enter a clean and bacteria-free workspace every morning with no worries. This kind of task can be undertaken by you or alternatively by a commercial cleaning company. As warehouses are so large, it can be difficult to find the time to properly clean it in its entirety. Therefore, by hiring a commercial cleaning company to do this for you, it takes the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the running of your warehouse and logistics business. Professional cleaning companies also have easy access to the latest technology such as Electrostatic spraying devices which are the fastest and easiest way to kill COVID-19 bacteria.

3. Tidying

This may seem like a given but keeping your place of work tidy will contribute hugely to the cleanliness of the warehouse and building overall. Just having bins available for staff to put their rubbish in makes a huge difference to cleanliness levels and the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and infections. Then, when bins are full, empty them! There’s nothing worse than a smelly environment overrun with rubbish. Encourage employees to look after their own area and keep it tidy and clutter free. Have an organised system for your storage. Ensure anything that is out of date or unneeded is got rid of swiftly and use labels and a clear system to establish where everything is.

4. Make cleaning supplies easily available

When asking your employees to clean as they go and to take care of their own space, you should have cleaning supplies easily available to them! Have packs of antibacterial wipes stationed around the warehouse or building, along with antibacterial sprays and cloths or tissue. You should also have antibacterial hand gel and places to wash your hands readily available for employees and visitors to use. You could also provide face masks and gloves for your employees to use each working day.

5. Don’t forget the floors and exterior

Often, we can forget about cleaning things like floors and the exterior of a building, but these are often the most important parts! The exterior of a building or warehouse is the first thing anyone sees of your business; therefore, it is important that things like windows are kept clean. The floor can harbour a huge number of bacteria, so keeping this clean and having it professionally deep cleaned on a regular basis is a good idea.

By following these 5 steps we’re sure that your warehouse and logistics business will make it through the Pandemic with ease, keeping your employees and business safe and minimising downtime.

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