Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure that your cleaning policy is subject to extremely high standards. It’s never been more important to clarify the standards required of your existing commercial cleaning provider, whether that be an individual who is employed to keep the office clean, or a professional company coming in to support with your cleaning requirements.

Companies all over the UK are assessing their procedures to protect their workers, and consequently themselves from possible litigation. Responsible employers truly care about their workers, not just from a commercial perspective but as individuals who are friends and colleagues.

For some, it’s just a case of tightening management processes but for others it may even mean replacing poor performing contractors. It’s common when looking to upgrade their contractor that a company may be concerned about the contract they are currently locked into or employment law that may be protecting current employees. In this article we intend to discuss how the cleaning industry and cleaning operatives such as CQD overcome these challenges and advise on how to upgrade the quality of your cleaning processes.

So…What happens if you currently employ someone to do the cleaning, but you are looking to upgrade to a professional contractor.

As you are aware relieving employees of their duties is often difficult, especially if they have been with you for some time. In most cases TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employee’s) will apply. The purpose of TUPE legislation is to protect employees and their roles within a company should the business or a contract associated with this business changes hands.

This means that if you are looking to employ a full- time commercial cleaning company to look after your office cleaning, TUPE will apply to your existing member of staff that works in this area of your business. In this scenario, CQD cleaning would employ your existing member of staff on their existing terms (for at least a year) and they would work for us on your site.

Once employed by CQD, the staff member would undergo extensive training which is specifically adapted to the requirements of your individual site. They would be informed of our expectations and would have to adhere to CQD’s standards that are implemented company wide.

By guaranteeing the above, CQD (and companies in the cleaning sector with similar policies) ensure that any change in contract is handled efficiently and legally. Add this to the fact that we operate with our customers without the need for an official contract, it’s easy to terminate our agreement should we not deliver to the highest standard.

As a result of our incredibly high standards, extensive training and ethos (that we are only ever as good as our last clean), we normally see the staff member take a step up and begin delivering the quality previously required. By becoming part of a larger organisation, many employees will benefit from personal and professional development. Where this does not happen, CQD terminates the employment of the old member of staff from the previous company legally, and replaces them with another CQD operator.

What about if I’m already locked in a long-term contract with a different professional cleaning company who aren’t performing properly?

Over the years CQD have been asked to replace existing contractors and as a result have built a wealth of knowledge in this respect. Whilst all contracts are different, some with exit clauses and others which are simple service agreements, we have experience in all variations. In all cases, CQD are happy to advise you so that should you decide a change is important, you can swap contractors without worrying about legal or financial implications.

 To summarise:

 If ever there was a time to address your commercial cleaning procedures, it is now. Regardless of why you are looking to move, CQD are confident in our ability to support you during any change and then in maintaining standards afterwards. Our professional and friendly cleaning staff are available 24/7 to work around your timeline and workload and ensure the best clean possible. If you would like further advice, please complete the form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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