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We understand how difficult the emergence of COVID-19 has been to so many industries, Logistics and Warehousing being no exception. Warehouses are busy and buzzy places, fulfilling crucial functions within the supply chain of a business. Therefore, keeping these places as clean as possible is essential, especially in today's current climate. Hiring a professional industrial cleaning service is necessary to produce high level results!

How we can help

CQD Cleaning is a cleaning company offering services to the Logistics and Warehousing industries, ensuring the highest quality clean possible. We keep employees, and customers as protected as possible from the threat of COVID-19 and other illness. We work around you and offer a complete 24/7 service for warehouses and distribution centres, meaning minimal disruption to your industrial environment and supply chain’s operation.

Did you know that the average employee loses 9 working days a year to illness and, if an individual is carrying a virus, they can contaminate 50% of the working environment in just 4 hours?!
Our professional logistics, factory or warehouse cleaning service, run by trustworthy and dedicated cleaning operatives provides you with the peace of mind that not only are your staff and customers comfortable and happy, but that they are more protected from contracting an illness.
This in turn means your company will be more protected from any losses relating to staff illness and will ultimately be more productive!

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Benefits for you

  • Having a clean warehouse environment not only makes it more comfortable for you and your employees, but for the rest of your supply chain and customers too. They now have the peace of mind that their products have been handled in a sanitary and clean way and know that their wellbeing is being considered and upheld.
  • Being comfortable where you work is important. A clean environment is proven to boost workers’ moods, making this an even more pressing issue to address which will pay off massively in the long term.
  • Having a high quality clean means your employees more are protected from contracting an illness or virus, resulting in higher productivity overall!
  • Alongside increased mood and comfort comes increased productivity. Employees will be more likely to produce good quality and quick results when in an environment they enjoy being in.
  • With professional cleaning staff doing the work for you, this allows you to relax knowing that your warehouse is a clean and healthy environment. This means you can put all of your effort into your property management. 
  • Ensuring a clean warehouse with daily cleaning such as surface, floor and window cleaning, hugely reduces the chance of illness, equating to improved efficiency. Regular deep cleaning with quality cleaning equipment and electrostatic spraying is also highly beneficial, especially given today’s current climate to help in the eradication of coronavirus.

CQD Cleaning offer office and commercial cleaning services in London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and the surrounding areas with the core of our business being made up of large premises who have daily office cleaning.

As a warehouse cleaning company our passion is cleaning and keeping your commercial property spotless, because we understand just how important this is to you and your business. We care because you do. Whether it’s because you want a clean working environment for your employees or because you have clients regularly visiting, CQD guarantees the most thorough and professional clean with a highly respectable and trustworthy team.

Why Choose Us?

Fantastic communication lines

Not happy with your clean? Speak to our management team or the owner directly so we can resolve any issue you may have.

No Contracts

We are a no-contract cleaning service with the belief that we are only ever as good as our last clean. This is why we have no lengthy contracts or tie-ins.

We work around you

CQD are available 24/7 with our flexible out of hours cleaning option, allowing us to cause minimal disruption to your working environment.

Uniformed Staff

All our office cleaners are uniformed, health & safety tested, and reference checked, allowing us to retain the highest of standards.

Money back guarantee

Not happy with your clean? We will give you your money back, that’s how confident we are in our ability to meet your expectations.

Monthly reviews

We will contact you monthly to ensure you are happy with the quality of your clean, address any issues and answer any questions.

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