Keeping you and your commercial premises protected from the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether you are looking to immediately respond to a COVID outbreak inside your working environments and cover all bases before returning to work. A risk assessment and monitoring of work hygiene will assist in protection against the threat of a future outbreak. CQD cleaning is able to support you in keeping your employees and customers safe.

With industry-leading technology available, our electrostatic cleaning and decontamination services have been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Paired with our high level deep clean service and industry experience, we can help keep your building illness-free, ensuring your workplace is safe and sanitised.


Had a confirmed COVID case inside your organisation?


Government guidelines state that if you’ve had a positive case of COVID inside your communal areas you should clear the area for 72 hours. You’ll then need a professional cleaning company to conduct a high quality deep clean and Covid-19 decontamination of the area.

Wait 72 hours

When a positive COVID case is detected, government guidelines state the area must be vacated for 72 hours before cleaners go in. If immediate cleaning is required, we conduct an initial electrostatic treatment.

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Deep Clean

We come in and conduct a deep clean of your site, using specialist chemicals and extended dwell times to ensure decontamination. All mops, PPE, gloves and cloths are then double bagged and disposed of.

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Electrostatic Spray

We then conduct an electrostatic treatment of your environment, ensuring the area, door handles and other touch points are fully disinfected.

Looking for On-going protection against the risk of COVID?


More than ever there is now an obvious requirement to increase the quality and quantity of cleaning and disinfection within your workplace. This cannot be ignored and your staff and teams will be paying very close attention to their surroundings. At CQD we offer a professional sanitising service for extra peace of mind and to support you in keeping staff protected from the risk of COVID. With no contracts, we are dedicated to getting the best solution for you by keeping our health/safety standards high.

Initial deep clean
Cleaning of your site 5x per week (minimum)
2x electrostatic cleans per month
All staff uniformed, fully trained and wearing PPE

Let the professionals look after your COVID cleaning 

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