Wuhan is most well-known now as being the epicentre of the pandemic, where COVID-19 originated. Since the beginning of the outbreak, their measures to contain the virus, disinfect the city and protect their residents has been important in returning to some sense of normality and keeping cases low. One of the most important aspects to this is their focus on disinfection and cleaning.

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As Wuhan begins to come back to some form of normality after the worst of the pandemic, disinfecting and even quarantining are still considered imperative safety measures.

The mass disinfection of public spaces in Wuhan has been going on since last March. However, much of the footage we see of the city now still involves residents isolating, as professional teams sweep the streets with disinfectant. This has proved an important step in helping Wuhan move on from the pandemic and in keeping their infection rates low.

Many other cities have followed suit with this tactic over the long months that COVID-19 has been around, disinfecting public surfaces with bleach and water mixtures. Advice from the WHO has suggested that this is the way forward and that surfaces should be regularly disinfected to ensure less threat of the virus spreading. This comes alongside suggestions that people should avoid touching surfaces as much as possible, especially in public settings, or make sure to thoroughly sanitise or wash their hands afterwards.

wuhan cleaning

These mass disinfection sweeps that you see in Wuhan and other cities are much like our electrostatic machines! They work by spreading disinfectant across large areas and surfaces to ensure the eradication of all bacteria. The way they differ is in the way the technology works. The technology involved in our electrostatic sprays ensure a wider spread and coverage as the particles repel each other. You can find out more information about our electrostatic cleaning solutions for COVID-19 here.

The main focus here is on surface disinfection, especially in public spaces. This has likely contributed to Wuhan’s high recovery rate and low cases, with them not having had any more than 300 cases since April 2020.

Keeping surfaces clean and free of infection is an important step in us returning to normality here in the UK as well! By introducing regular professional cleaning and surface disinfection into your commercial cleaning routine, you can ensure that everyone using your space is as safe as possible, whether these be employees, customers, or the general public.

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As we come out of this pandemic through Boris Johnson’s roadmap, it is important that we pay attention to the guidelines and safety measures in place. This includes social distancing, following government guidelines, and ensuring surfaces remain clean and free of harmful bacteria!

If you want help avoiding infection in your workplace, wherever that may be, get in touch! We provide free up-front quotes and with no contracts, you can be sure that our team will always do the absolute best job for you. We care because you do!

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